Building Regulations Completion Certificate

When inspecting properties, our surveyors will all too often face a situation where the vendor has undertaken renovations, such as a rear extension or roof space conversion, where Building Regulations Completion Certificates are required.

A Building Regulation Completion Certificate is, however, no guarantee of the quality of work undertaken as the Building Control Officer is not a project manager to the work being under taken. The Building Control Officer will often inspect the works at certain intervals and, in some cases, the work is signed off prior to the full completion of the project. This often means that poor workmanship is overlooked.

We have inspected properties with Building Regulation Completion Certificates with no insulation or ventilation for roof space conversions, extractor fans which are not vented to the outside and even half-a-brick thick parapets which are at risk of collapse. If you are buying a property where a recent extension/renovations have taken place it can be invaluable to instruct Landview Surveyors to undertake a Level 2 (Homebuyer Report) or Level 3 (Building Survey) to help ensure compliance and quality have been met.

Written by David Coplin-Chard