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A RICS “Redbook” Valuation is provided to clients for a wide range of reasons. This may be for probate purposes, capital gains tax, increasing your share within a shared ownership property or simply to have an experienced registered valuer to provide an independent market valuation.

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We also provide additional Valuations

Rental valuation

Much like a market valuation maybe you are purchasing a property to rent out and need an impartial view of the rental value the property is likely to achieve in order to help calculate your yield.

Probate purpose

Your solicitor and HMRC may require a probate valuation of the property following the death of an individual. The date of the valuation will be required to be on the date of death and therefore this can sometimes be in the recent past or a number of years ago.

Shared ownership

Following the governments shared ownership scheme in 2014 this allowed individuals to purchase a 25% share of a property. Owners will be able to top up their share in the property and the freeholder will require a valuation to be provided for the property's value.

Market Valuation

This is as the name suggests, this is an impartial opinion of the property’s value where the surveyor states a fair value for the property taking into account the market direction and condition of the property as it is compared to recent sales data.

HMRC Portfolio valuation

This is required often when property landlords own multiple property’s and require a valuation provided to the portfolio of property’s in order for HMRC to calculate the correct rate of tax due by the individual.