Camera Pole Survey
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As part of our commitment to provide comprehensive reports to clients, we are able to obtain vantage points of elements commonly restricted during an inspection.

Our surveyors use telescopic camera poles to be able to clearly asses the condition of elements such as the roof coverings, chimney stacks or gutters at eaves level.

This is an optional, additional service offered when instructed to undertake a Homebuyer or Building Survey (Level 2 or Level 3 RICS surveys), as well as being available for individual use as part of defect analysis.  Not all properties require this service but many customers will benefit from the reassurance that this imagery provides when assessing the condition of these often difficult and inaccessible locations.


  • Reduces need for unnecessary further inspections
  • Provides you with a clear viewpoint of restricted elements
  • Greater commentary in the report for defects/future maintenance


Please contact us if you wish to discuss the possible need of this service. Example images can be found here.

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Example images of a Camera Pole Survey

Roof Ridge

We have the ability to view high-level structures to determine integrity and security. Usually these aspects cannot be assessed and can be a source of problems in the future.

Roof Valley

With the high-level views we are able to examine the state of the roof valleys, whether any tiles have slipped or broken and whether the roof's integrity is likely to have suffered.

Chimney Stack

With the Camera Pole, we can visually inspect the chimneys for any signs of deterioration, missing pointing, broken pots and maybe bird nests. All of these can lead to further problems and therefore to be aware of the issues ensures the necessary remedial work can be accounted for in the purchase price or for the seller to rectify.


Poorly maintained flashing will cause leaks to occur. We can check on the state of the flashing, subject to its accessibility and height from the ground, using the camera pole. It is much easier, and cheaper, to rectify problems before water penetration becomes visible internally.