Thermal Imaging Survey
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It is no surprise that the cost of living has increased, particularly energy bills. It is now more crucial than ever to make sure the home you are in or buying limits the loss of energy/heat.

Whilst this can be done by more expensive measures such as installing solar panels or upgrading the heating and hot water services, it is often overlooked how much energy escapes the property by poor sealing of doors/windows or insufficient insulation in roof voids, floor voids or walls.

We are able to offer a thermal imaging service to help identify the source of leaks or how effective the heating and hot water services are working.

Using our thermal imaging service, we can help identify these vulnerable areas so action take be swiftly taken.


  • Visual representation of where the property is losing energy
  • Confirmation of how efficient heating systems are working
  • A non-invasive solution to help advise on how to limit rising fuel bills.

Example images can be found here.

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Example images of Thermal Imaging

Underfloor heating check

With the rise in popularity of underfloor heating, it is difficult to ascertain whether the installation is working effectively. Using our thermal imaging technology we can soon see whether there are any problems, leaks or ineffective manifolds within the system. With the likely costs of rectification being high and intrusive, this service is invaluable.

Traditional heating systems with poor circulation

Traditional boiler/radiator hot water systems can be prone to sludge build up and really need regular preventative maintenance to avoid. This often involves a power-flush through the system. If this has been neglected then the circulation suffers and radiators don't get to a high enough temperature or suffer from inconsistent temperatures across their surfaces. These can be identified with the thermal imaging and provide the evidence for further investigation.

Single glazed, draughty and poorly installed windows.

Windows can be a great source of heat loss in a house. Poorly fitting windows, the poor efficiency of single glazing and holes around the frames can be identified with the help of thermal imaging.